Group Profile

CIF Group established by the relevant departments of Cambodia in 2018, it is a Cambodian joint venture approved by the Cambodian government.It was established in cooperation with Atlantic Coast Financial, a company listed on the NASDAQ Main Board of the United States, and obtained the relevant financial license issued by the Cambodian government. CIF Group is committed to responding to the government's full support for the company's policies to promote the development of Cambodia's digital economy industry, while promoting infrastructure construction and enhancing Cambodia's international competitiveness.


Atlantic Coast Financial is a US listed bank holding company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, which owns the Atlantic Coast Bank.The Atlantic Coast banking business is concentrated in the private banking and commercial banking operations in northeastern Florida, central Florida and southeastern Georgia.In 2018, the stock code was ABCB after ACFC and Ameris merged, with $8.6 billion in assets, $6.9 billion in loans, $6.6 billion in deposits, and 109 bank fortified points.

Atlantic Coast Bank is a full-service community bank, which is mainly engaged in three kinds of businesses: commercial banking, retail (branch) banking and residential mortgage loans. Bank specific services include, but are not limited to, deposit accounts, mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, commercial loans, USDA loans, SBA loans, warehouse loans and wealth management.

Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol ACFC, chairman J.J Dolan, vice chairman J.S. Sidhu, president and CEO J.K. Stephens, Jr.,as well as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer T.L. Keegan. As of December 31, 2016, Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation had a profit of $6.4 million, total assets of $907.5 million, and a total share capital of $87 million, with a total of 174 employees.

Group Leader


James Robinson

Baylor University - Hacker School of Business

Experienced Executive Vice President,

Has a history of working in the financial services industry.

Familiar with corporate risk ,former Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo and managing Director of JPMorgan Chase.


Adam Caleb

Brigham Young University

After graduating from college, the first job served Amazon Web Service, worked for

eight years until becoming General Manager, and later served as vice president of

IBM's blockchain department, with very good industry knowledge.

Group Mission

Promote the integration of ASEAN Free Trade in the Belt and Road

  • 1、Promote Cambodia's Economic Development
  • 2、Deepen Financial Reform
  • 3、Improve National Life And Local Economic Level
  • 4、Urban Construction And Land Development
  • 5、 Expand International Trade
  • 6、Promote The Application Of ASEAN Blockchain Technology

Business philosophy

Everything is based on the needs of users

Group vision

The world's leading integrated financial services platform

Core Value

Achievement of customers, entrepreneurial innovation, precision and truth-seeking, integrity and int

  • Customer achievement - committed to customer satisfaction and success
  • Entrepreneurial innovation – pursuing speed and efficiency, focusing on innovations that affect customers and companies
  • Accurate and realistic - fact-based decision making and business management
  • Integrity - Building trust and responsible relationships

Development Planning

    In 2018

    Promote ASEAN Application Pass: The government directs the CIF Group to promote Cambodia's digital asset bank and respond to the Belt and Ro

    In 2019

    KHT was issued: the development of the Westport Gaming Industrial Park, the promotion of local infrastructure, and the establishment of the ASEAN Alli

    In 2020

    Expansion of real estate business: continuous expansion of land production and development, Unicom's major cities in ASEAN to pay for the physica

    In 2021

    Group listing: Promote the listing of CIF Group and amplify the investment targets of the four major sectors, including real estate, gaming, mining an

    In 2022年

    All-digital financial plan: Through the application of the ASEAN blockchain, the financial structure of all-digital assets will be built. The operatin

    In 2023

    Development of economic and trade special zones: development of Cambodian economic and trade zones, improvement of Cambodia's infrastructure, inc

    In 2024

    the International Economic Development Zone was launched: the International Economic Development Zone was launched, including the Foreign Investment a

    The future

    he ASEAN digital finance era: taking Cambodia as a starting point and taking digital finance as a pioneer, inciting ASEAN digital financial reform and